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Hello, I'm Mansi Parikh.

I specialize in data strategy.

During my free time, I cherish moments playing with my toddler, cooking, dancing, gardening, and fostering community. My pursuits are driven by a passion to enhance my communication skills, nurture empathy, and refine my craft through rational thought. I aim to connect with brilliant individuals who are equally committed to personal growth and building a better world.

My journey in the professional world began during college. In 2006, I founded an offshore software development agency. This venture kindled my love for entrepreneurship and taught me the intricacies of building a business from the ground up. Although my agency witnessed substantial growth and taught me a great deal, I recognized my own limitations stemming from inexperience. I believed that a structured corporate environment would be more suitable for my growth at that juncture. Thus, I transitioned to a role as a financial analyst for a major publicly traded company, focusing on M&A opportunities. This phase broadened my horizons, teaching me the nuances of large-scale deals and strategic thinking. I grasped the significance of data as an essential tool to present factual arguments, persuade stakeholders, and guide an entire organization toward a unified vision. I was responsible for conducting valuation of various M&A initatives.

Subsequently, I relocated to NYC and joined a boutique hedge fund as a quantitative analyst, marking my initiation into the realm of big data. Always harboring entrepreneurial ambitions, I soon transitioned to an ad tech startup. This move was driven by my interest in the budding ad tech ecosystem and the plethora of open-source big data technologies. Here, I delved deep into analyzing online user behavior, innovating methods to track and analyze user behavior while navigating the limitations of cookie-based tracking. Notably, during my tenure, my team launched our very first revenue-generating attribution analytics suite. I took on leadership roles, aiding in the introduction of our first data product. This experience paved the way for me to venture into product and analytics management, with significant contributions in the ad tech industry. I further spent valuable time with one of NYC's most prominent newspaper companies, refining their data and insights processes for advertising units. Such endeavors not only reinforced my leadership skills but also solidified my reputation as a data strategist.

I subsequently initiated my consulting practice, offering expertise in areas such as real estate, fintech, e-commerce, and operations. My foundational skills in data analysis, combined with a keen business acumen, have always guided me in unearthing hidden potentials and facilitating informed decision-making.

In addition to my professional achievements, I've been privileged to mentor, coach, and manage both managers and individual contributors. I've imparted training to data professionals across all levels. My entrepreneurial spirit and product management capabilities encompass every facet of product development, covering areas from product marketing to management, strategy, and infrastructure.

I've navigated the myriad of strategic business models introduced by consulting experts. This includes concepts such as decentralization, as exemplified by GM's restructuring into independent units; the Growth Share Matrix with its classifications like cash cows and stars; the experience curve, illustrating the correlation between volume and cost reductions; and comprehensive analyses like SWOT, the three C's, five-factor framework, seven S framework, and value chain, among others.

Business, in my perspective, is incredibly intricate, even more so than formulaic fields like physics or engineering. Business dynamics are ever-evolving, with changing landscapes, players, tools, and mediums. Over time, I've familiarized myself with numerous strategic business models and frameworks, recognizing that in the realm of business, adaptability is key.

If you're interested in collaborating with me, please reach out at or send me a message on linkedin

I'm also available for projects via Business Talent Group and Catalant.